A recent survey shows which are the car brands with the best car dealers in the UK for the year. Have a look at this article and maybe it will help you make a better choice when you are purchasing your next vehicle.

There is no doubt that the experience you have with a car dealership whenever you are shopping for a new car and the service you get is very important and can affect your purchase, your final decision and your ownership experience in general. Many people think that the customer service you receive from the car dealership is important only while they are purchasing the vehicle. However, the service you get is important from the moment you walk into the showroom to the after-sales support you get. A recent survey provides us with further information on the experience customers have with car dealers, which gives us a clearer picture and better idea of which dealers you want to consider when you want to have a good experience.

The performance of car dealers is crucial to the industry and can attract and win a lot of loyal and returning clients and customers to the dealership, which also affects the way a certain car brand is perceived in general. Most of the customers would judge the car dealership based on many factors, including presentation, facilities, and, of course, the attitude of the staff and how helpful, professional or friendly they are. At the end of the day, buying a car is not something you do every day and it is pretty much an investment, therefore customers would focus a lot on the service they are receiving.

There is no doubt that as a customer you are looking for a car dealership that provides you with efficiency, real help and support, and good communication. Here are some of the best car dealerships in the UK as shown by the survey:


The luxury car brand Porsche gets first place in the survey with a score of 94.08%. Porsche’s service departments are impressing the majority of the customers with amazing showroom facilities, the stellar performance of the staff, a good level of the handover process, and good communication. Given the fact this is a brand with a portfolio of luxurious cars with impressive performance, you will be truly happy to shop for the new addition to your garage from Porsche.


Lexus comes at second place for the year, despite the fact that the car brand is usually topping similar surveys and surveys from previous years. However, the downfall of Lexus is not a result of standards that have been slipped. The fact is that Lexus dealership service is still widely loved and enjoyed by the majority of customers, however, in 2021 Porsche has just been rated better. With very few complaints, Lexus is still scoring really highly across various categories. In addition, customers are sharing that Lexus has dealerships with faster fixing services for cars, while the brand is scoring first for the availability of courtesy cars.


Kia is now enjoying a rise in the ranking with one place from last year. In fact, the only factor affecting the ranking of Kia and bringing it down from the top place is the service centre communication. Still, Kia's dealership is providing an amazing level of service with excellent value for money and a super quick turnaround on servicing and repairs. In addition, staff at the Kia dealership is perceived as very polite and provides clear communication, while the facilities are perceived as tidy and neat with enough parking spaces.


Despite the fact that Subaru car models are not very popular and are often overlooked, it turns out that service and the experience customers have with Subaru dealerships is very high level. Customers at Subaru dealerships are enjoying excellent aftercare service. According to customers, the handover process and the explanation of a car’s features could be better, while deals are not perceived as competitive enough.


The car brand is making a really impressive climb, considering the fact that SEAT used to be placed second-last last year. However, this year SEAT is scoring even higher than traditionally well-loved car brands such as Skoda, Volkswagen, and Audi. Customers at the SEAT dealerships say that staff are friendly and knowledgeable when it comes to the range of products offered and the finance options too. In addition, the car brand is offering good value for money. What clients are not fully satisfied with are the prices for servicing and maintenance. Limited parking space at the dealership is another people clients do not enjoy.

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