Platts Garage

There are currently major roadwork's on Beaconside leading to part of the road becoming one way. Platts Garage Stafford is open as usual and the road works are not affecting drive time to the garage from any direction. In most cases it is actually shortening drive time due to less traffic. The one way system is working far better than normal temporary traffic signals, but we have decided to make the most of the work by offering 'Roadwork Specials' during the 10-week development.

Road is unaffected. Some road signs are out saying 'Road Closed', Don't worry the road is not closed until you drive past Tollgate Industrial Estate. We are fully accessible from this direction.

We hope you won't avoid Beaconside because of the roadworks and remember, to make things even better we will have daily drive by Roadwork Specials on New and Used Cars for the duration of the road works.