Griffin Tax Free

We currently sell just over 1,600 new tax free cars and tax paid forces cars every year. We supply British and Foreign Military, both here in the UK and overseas, as well as the Diplomatic Corps Worldwide. We help run the Defence Discount Service Car Programme for all serving members of the British Armed Forces as well as Reservists, Veterans, and MOD Staff.

Our philosophy is simple, 'what we quote is what you pay! No gimmicks, No misleading adverts or prices, No hidden ‘admin fees', and definitely No middlemen. You deal with us from initial enquiry right through to delivery.

Plus, unlike some ‘main franchised dealers' who sell forces cars we're not restricted in our advice by the need to hit big manufacturer targets, so you'll get the best advice for you, not us. And, while some of our competitors lose manufacturer support, we actually have manufacturers approaching us to sell their products. It also means if we don't sell it, it's probably not worth buying.